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Alec Brook-Krasny  was born and raised Moscow, and studied at the Moscow Institute of Consumer Technology (currently Russian State University for Tourism and Services), graduating in 1983. Unsatisfied with the Soviet regime in 1989 he,emigrated to the US, settling in New York.
Here he became a successful manager and one day, noticing lack of leisure opportunities in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, had the idea of creating his own leisure center, the Funorama, which became a huge success and made him a person of note in both the Russian and the English-speaking community of the Big Apple. Also, in 1997 he was named "entrepreneur of the year" in the leisure category by the Leisure and Entertainment Management publication.
He then took interest in the social and political life of the community, and soon was invited to the Community Board, quickly rising to the position of the Community Board Treasurer.
His political career began in 2000, from his campaign for the State Assembly. After a difficult campaign he lost to the Democratic party-backed incumbent, but won an unheard-of number of votes as the city's most viable write-in candidate! 
So, the following year he decided to run for the City Council as a Democratic contender. And although he won the endorsement of the New York Times - a feat to be admired by any politician - in the end he lost to Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. 
Despite the setback, the same year Brook-Krasny became the founding Executive Director of The Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations (COJECO), an umbrella body for 33 community-based, Russian-speaking Jewish émigré organizations in New York.
And in 2006, after State Assemblywoman Adele Cohen had retired, Brook-Krasny declared he would run for the position and, after a fierce campaign against another well-known Russian-speaking candidate and community figure Ari Kagan, narrowly won the seat. As political commentators noted, his victory, to a large degree, was due to his readiness to reach out to many non-Jewish voters, as well as endorsements by many of the local English-speaking newspapers and elected officials. 
He served in this post for more than eight years, re-elected several times. In summer of 2015 he announced he would be leaving office and returning to business and resigned in autumn.


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