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Alexey Abrikosov
Alexei Abrikosov was born June 25, 1928 in Moscow into the family of reputed pathologists - the Academy member Alexei Ivanovich Abrikosov, and the chief prosector of the Kremlin hospital Fani Davidovna Wulf.
After finishing school in 1943, Alexei began studying energy engineering, but soon took a keen interest in physics and became a scientific protege of the famous Soviet scientist Landau. As a result, at the age of just 20 Abrikosov graduates magna-cum-laude from the school of physics of the Moscow State University, and immediately starts working on his PhD paper, on the subject of plasma, a cutting-edge field of the time. He obtains the degree in 1951, at the age of only 23! 
Meanwhile, the country goes through events that completely change his attitude to the Soviet regime. In particular, his parents are fired from the Kremlin hospital in a witch hunt during the infamous campaign against the "sabotage doctors".
Nevertheless, Abrikosov continues his work, and in the vital for the military field of high energy electrodynamics, at that!
When the times changed, and speaking about emigration stopped being a career-ender - in 1991 - Abrikosov accepted the invitation from the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, and moved to the USA, giving a controversial speech at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR meeting just before leaving. Later he taught at the University of Illinois (Chicago) and at the University of Utah.
In 1999 the scientist obtained the American citizenship, but even before that he became the member of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as the member of the London Royal Society.
Abrikosov was nominated for the Nobel prize on multiple occasions, and in 2003 received the prestigious award for his studies of superconductors, which are finding even wider and wider application in modern technology.
His personal life, one could say, has been just as fruitful: Alexei Alexeevich has benn married three times and brought up two sons and a daughter.
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