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Andre Eglevsky – The International Dancer
Eglevsky was born in Moscow not long after the Russian revolution. In the 20s, his mother, seeing the talents of her child and realizing he would not be able to develop and employ his talents under the new regime in Soviet Russia, made a life-changing decision to emigrate.
The small family - the 8 year old Eglevsky and his mother – left for France, where there was a strong Russian ballet community and an abundance of top teachers. The boy studied ballet in Nice with Maria Nevelskaya (formerly of the Bolshoi Ballet), with Lubov Egorova, Mathilde Kschessinska, Alexandre Volinine, Olga Preobrajenska, and Leon Woizikowski in Paris, and Nicholas Legat in London.
At the age of only fourteen, the child prodigy joined the famous Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, and after just six months was given leading roles in such ballets as Swan Lake, Les Sylphides, and Les Présages!
Later he joined Igor Youskevitch as the company's premiere, and a year later moved to another company – René Blum's Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.
Eglevsky immigrated to the United States in 1937, and became the premier danseur in George Balanchine's American Ballet (later New York City Ballet) . True to his style, he also danced for many other companies all over the world, including New York's Ballet Theatre (now the American Ballet Theatre), and Grand Ballet de Monte Carlo. He also worked with the Radio City Music Hall, in the Broadway musical Great Lady, plus appeared in Charlie Chaplin's  Limelight movie. Moreover, he was active as a teacher, training the dancer Alan Bergman, who would have a short but bright onstage career.
In the late 1930s, Eglevsky married ballerina Leda Anchutina. Their daughter, Marina Eglevsky, is also a successful ballerina.
After retiring in 1958, Eglevsky, together with his wife, started a ballet school in Massapequa, New York. The couple also founded the Eglevsky Ballet Company, which continues its work even now, under the direction of Ali Pourfarrokh. 
Eglevsky died in Elmira, New York, of a heart attack –  just 17 days shy of his 60s birthday...
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