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Loren Dwight Leman was raised in a commercial fishing family in Ninilchik, Alaska. His family history in Alaska started from a marriage in Kodiak in 1700s between a Russian shipbuilder and an Alutiiq woman from Afognak. 
While studying in high school, worked at his parents’ fishing farms and at sea. In 1968, after finishing the school, he enrolled into Oregon State University and later transferred to Stanford University, where he received a Master of Art degree in Civil Engineering in 1973.
Interestingly, even having started a political career in the Alaska Legislature, he continued working as a consultant in engineering and environment protection.
While in office, representing Anchorage in the State House from 1989 to 1993 and in the State Senate from January 1993 to December 2002, he became known as a prominent social conservative, pro-development, pro-business, environmentally-conscious, a supporter of Alaska’s military and taxpayer-friendly. His background and trust from the common people of his districts, as well as respect his colleagues made him the Senate Majority Leader by the end of his term.
In 2002 Leman became a Lieutenant Governor, the first person with native American ancestry to hold such a high position in Alaska. During the nomination procedure within the ranks of the Republican Party, he defeated Sarah Palin. Leman focused on budget discipline, education accountability, promoting wise use of Alaska's natural resources, and strongly supporting family values. 
He led efforts to require parental notification for teens seeking to have abortions, and even sponsored a constitutional amendment that defined marriage as between one man and one woman. 
In 2006 there came rumors that Leman might run for governor if the incumbent Frank Murkowski decided to leave the position without going for a re-election. Leman dragged out the official announcement until Murkowski made up his mind, and then told the journalist that, after talks with his family - his wife Carolyn and his three children, Rachel, Joseph, and Nicole - he decided not to try for the Governor and even refused to go for re-election, leaving official service. 
Loren Leman at 100 Years of Alaska's Legislature 


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