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Michael Bay – the defirnt giant of Hollywood
Michael Benjamin Bay was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised by adoptive parents, but in his interview disclosed that his biological grandparents were immigrants from Russia. He grew up in wealth, attending an elite school and receiving excellent education.
Bay's trademark love for (and overuse of) special effects started very early: as a boy, he attached firecrackers to a toy train, lit the firecrackers and then filmed the ensuing mayhem with a 8 millimeter camera. Firemen got involved and Michael was grounded for several weeks.
His film career started at the age of fifteen, when he worked as an intern for George Lucas, working on the storyboards for Raiders of the Lost Ark. But the lucky break he got was thanks to his work on music videos at Propaganda Films - he was noticed by Hollywood execs and in 1994 invited to direct  Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The film was a commercial success - more than $122 million in net profits during the first several months!
In 1998 came Armageddon with Bruce Willis, a groundbreaking epic that earned Michael four Academy Awards nominations (though no golden statuettes) and half a billion dollars in box office sales. A string of similarly spectacular movies followed, including Pearl Harbor (2001) and Transformers (2007–present), plus a long list of classics remakes: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), The Amityville Horror (2005), The Hitcher (2007), Friday the 13th (2009), and A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010). These pictures earned the movie studios $3 billion dollars, but were universally criticised for clearly targeting only the male teen part of the American audience. To these accusations, Michael Bay answered simply: "I make movies for teenage boys. Oh, dear, what a crime!"
True to his love, Bay owns two companies dealing with special effects or production of films that use cutting edge technology: Platinum Dunes and Digital Domain. In addition, he is the founder of The Institute for the Development of Enhanced Perceptual Awareness, working on advanced-technique commercials for large corporations, including Victoria's Secret, Lexus, Budweiser, Reebok, Mercedes-Benz and Nike.
Michael Bay's personal life is just as uneventful as his films are spectacular: he lives alone with his two bullmastiffs, Bonecrusher and Grace, and nothing is known about his amorous life...
"Michael Bay: Making Movies, Enemies and Money" - (2010)
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