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Mila Kunis – the young people’s choice
Mila Kunis was born in the Ukrainian town of Chernivsti, to the family of a successful engineer Mark and an owner of a pharmacy Elvira. In 1991, when the girl was only seven, the family decided to leave for America, fearing they will not have any future in the new, post-Soviet, society, will all the economic and political trouble and growing anti-semitism. They came to Los Angeles, California, with just $250 in cash, but very soon started a new, American, life.
At the age of nine Mila was enrolled by her father in afterschool acting classes at the Beverly Hills Studios, where her talent was noticed - she got a series of roles in commercials . These were followed by an invitation to the Days of Our Lives TV series in 1994, and then in the legendary Baywatch, 7th Heaven, Santa with Muscles, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, and Gia. 
The breakthrough came via the TV series That '70s Show, where she played one on the leading characters, receiving praises from critics, love from teen audiences and thirteen nominations and three awards from the Teen Choice Award, the Young Artist Award and the YoungStar Award! 
It is worth noting that many Americans and TV viewers abroad, the audience of the extremely controversial (but just extremely successful commercially) Family Guy animated series, probably know Mila's voice without knowing the actress herself, or associating her with character Meg Griffin.
Her film career was not as splendid, with several miscast movies that brought her only criticism, but also with some outstanding works such as her role in Black Swan - she received fifteen (!) nominations and four awards from various influential organizations, including the title of Best Young Actress at the Venice Film Festival.
Again, it is worth noting that the most frequent complaint critics have for Mila has nothing to do with her performance, but rather with the casting decision by her producers: "She looked as if she dropped in from a Ray-Ban commercial" (USA Today).
Mila has another career - in commercials, as she is often invited by biggest fashion designers, cosmetics companies and luxury goods manufacturers. Also, she is in Forbes' list of 100 most powerful celebrities and has repeatedly been voted one of the sexiest women alive by various men's journals. 
She is a political activist of note, supporting the Democratic party. In November 2011 created a sensation by accepting an invitation to the United States Marine Corps Ball by a sergeant stationed on the front line in Helmand, Afghanistan. 
The personal life of Mila Kunis, a self-professed computer geek, who has no social networks accounts to avoid hacking and snooping, is a well-kept secret. It is known, however, that she had a relationship with Macaulay Culkin from 2002 to 2011, and that currently she is planning a family with her fellow actor from That '70s Show Ashton Kutcher - she is expecting an engagement ring and a baby from him shortly.
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