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Nathan Swartz - a hereditary shoemaker from Odessa
Nathan Swartz was born 1902 in Odessa, Ukraine, then - part of the Russian empire, to a poor Jewish family of hereditary shoemakers: his father, grandfather and grand-grandfather all made footwear, therefore it was no surprise that Nathan chose the same path as his ancestors.
Not long before the breakout of the Great War, the family moved to the New World, where Nathan, still a teenager, began his career as an apprentice in a New York shoe repair shop.
He worked his way up, saving some money, and in 1952, having celebrated his first half a century, was able to buy out half of the shares of a shoe making company in Abington (New York), founding his own Timberland company.
In 1965 Swartz, while experimenting with ways of creating waterproof boots for hikers and professionals working outdoors, invented a new, seamless, technology of attaching a rubber sole to a leather upper, using a special press machine. This quality of their new boots, together with their characteristic yellow color, made them a hit and created the brand's reputation.
According to legend, an Italian merchant began buying the new Timberland boots wholesale, export them back to Italy and there demonstrate their  qualities by getting them dirty, then cleaning the mud with water and hanging the shiny and bright yellow boots out to dry, making a very impressive show!
Today Timberland is a global corporation with the head office in Boston (USA) and a turnover of over a billion and a half US dollars. It is headed by Jeffrey Swartz, the grandson of the company's founder.
The Timberland Company History

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