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Pavel Bure – «The Russian Rocket»
Pavel Vladimirovich Bure was born in Moscow, to the family of the Soviet Olympic swimmer Vladimir Bure. At age 12, his parents separated, and Pavel remained with his mother...
Bure was named after his great-grandfather, a watchmaker to Tsar Alexander III, who was granted noble status.
Vladimir Bure had dreams of Pavel becoming a professional swimmer, but Pavel aspired to play hockey, and at only 6 attended his first tryout with the CSKA Moscow hockey school. His abilities were minimal, so his father told him that if he failed to show significant improvement within two months, he would withdraw him from the hockey school. This worked, and by age 11, he was named the best forward in his league! By the time he was 14 years old, he was named to the Central Red Army's junior team...
In 1991, already a famous player for CSKA, Pavel, together with his father, moved to Canada, and later - to the United States. Very soon after arriving in North America, he married American fashion model Jayme Bohn in a civil ceremony - allegedly at the advice of his agents, as an insurance against deportation in case talks with Vancouver Canucks failed. The marriage was dissolved the following year, and Bure obtained a green card under a federal program for sportsmen, scientists and artists. 
In 1996, ESPN reported on allegations that Bure was a potential associate to the Russian mafia because of his relationship with Anzor Kikalishvili, a suspected criminal.
Bure dated model and actress Dahn Bryan and the famous Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova, and in 2009 married 23-year-old model Alina Khasanova. 
The much-publicised relationship with Kournikova was marred by a row and a lawsuit against a newspaper that published scandalous information of very intimate nature on the couple.
In 2005 Bure announced his retirement from professional hockey due to complications with his chronically injured knee...
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