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Randy Lerner was born into the family of Al Lerner - an American businessman of Russian-Jewish origin, famous for rising from selling chairs and wardrobes all the way up to owning 15,000 rental apartments all across the country, as well as to being the CEO of the second largest credit card issuer of America (MBNA), and to being the owner of the Cleveland Browns football team. 
Lerner junior took after his father, but started on a different level: he graduated from the Columbia University, staying for one year in Cambridge, Great Britain, and receiving a degree in law. His working career started in the end of the 80s in New York, where he practiced as a lawyer, moving on to become an investment analyst at Progressive Corporation, when he found interest in finance.
In 1991 he founded his own investment company Securities Advisors, Inc. (SAI), which, within just several years, brought him quite a fortune.
And in 2002, after the death of his father, Al Lerner, he was awarded the rights to the Cleveland Browns football team. In addition, he made himself the director of the team's Board. Lerner junior showed himself as a very mild director, preserving all the rules and traditions his father had set up, and thus earning respect from the team's fans.
But Lerner's sports-slash-business interests were not limited to American football: during his life in Great Britain he took a keen interest in soccer and became a fan of Aston Villa. As a result, in 2006 he, using his wealth, realized the dream of many a fan of the team - became its owner and  head of the Board of directors by buying more than 85% of the team's stock! A
s another result, he also became the only man in the world to own two teams of such a caliber on both sides of the Atlantic. 
According to the most careful estimates by the British press, his personal net worth as of 2008 was $1.5 billion. Interestingly, he holds the record of the most frequent flyer of New England: between 2007 and 2011, he made a total of 390 flights from local airports!


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