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Sam Born – king of candies
Born immigrated to America from the Russian Empire in 1910, soon opening a candy shop, that also sold ice cream.
He invented an innovative technology to produce chocolate sprinkles, that would later come to be known as "Jimmies". His inventions proved to be so spectacular, that in 1916 Born was awarded the "key to the city" of San Francisco!
In 1917, Born opened a small retail store in Brooklyn, New York.
He marketed freshness of the wares with a sign that declared "Just Born" - the famous trademark was born.
In 1923, Born started his own manufacturing company in New York City. During the Great Depression the company, surprisingly, prospered: in 1932 it bought out a huge production building that belonged to a bankrupt company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and in 1935 acquired the prestigious Maillard Corporation, well known for elegant hand-decorated chocolates.
During the WWII and soon after it Just Born was successful as well and in 1953, it also acquired the Rodda Candy Company, best known for its jelly beans and marshmallow products that included the famous Easter Peep.
Born died at the age of 67, leaving behind a giant that currently produces sweets for more than 1.5 billion people worldwide!
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