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Sasha Cohen - Fire on Ice
Alexandra Pauline "Sasha" Cohen  was born in Westwood, California, a neighbourhood in Los Angeles. Her mother, Galina (née Feldman), is a Jewish immigrant from Odessa, Ukraine (then – part of the USSR), who came to America when she was 16, and a former ballet dancer. Shasha's father, Roger Cohen, is a native Californian businessman and a semi-pro skier.
A gymnast from a very early age, Cohen switched to figure skating when she was seven years old. According to family sources, Galina once witnessed a near-accident situation during her daughter's training on parallel bars, and became so afraid that she offered the girl to try skating.
Sasha immediately fell in love with skating and switched from the gym to the rink, becoming a student of Victor Yelchin, a renown coach and father of actor Anton Yelchin.
Cohen rose to prominence in the skating community several years after starting serious training, during the 2000 U.S. Championships. Just up from juniors, Cohen was first in the short program and finished second overall after the free skate, achieving a status which, due to a loophole in the ISU's age rules, would have allowed her to qualify for the senior World team and compete at the senior World Championships!
A string of successes on the national and international scene followed, including the silver medal at the 2002 U.S. championships and the subsequent 4th place in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sasha moved to the East Coast to train with the famous coach Tatiana Tarasova, and the results were immediate: during the same year she won her first ISU Grand Prix event at the 2002 Skate Canada, the 2002 Trophée Lalique, and then the 2002-03 Grand Prix Final!
But her best performance was demonstrated in the 2003-04 season, when she took gold at the 2003 Skate America, set a world record at the 2003 Skate Canada, and won silver at the 2003-04 Grand Prix Final.
Commercial offers followed, and soon Sasha was representing major brands, including Citizen, taking part in the Project Runway and Secret Talents of the Stars shows, appearing in the NBC drama Las Vegas and in CSI: NY, and co-starring in the Blades of Glory movie.
Sasha even participated in the 2013 edition of "Tornado Week" on The Weather Channel, helping bust the myth that small tornadoes are not as destructive by demonstrating a tight spin on ice.
Sasha Cohen - Anne E. Hill
Fire on Ice - Sasha Cohen (2005)
"Athletes – Sasha Cohen". (2007)

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