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Susan Cabot – a path full of sorrow
Susan Cabot was born Harriet Shapiro to a Russian Jewish family in Boston, Massachusetts, but was shuffled along eight (!) different foster homes within her short childhood, filled with sadness and constant turmoil.
While in high school, she took an interest in acting and joined the school's dramatic club. Having graduated and trying to decide between a career in music or a career in art, she found a position of a children's book illustrator during the day, and in the evenings sang at Manhattan's Village Barn club. It was in this club that Maxwell Arnow, a casting director for Columbia Pictures who was visiting the place, noticed her and offered her her first role in Kiss of Death (1947). 
The role helped her get into television programs, and in 1950 she was again invited by Columbia Pictures to co-star in a B-grade South Seas drama On the Isle of Samoa (1950). A long list of B-movies, themed around Wild West and Arabian tales, followed, including The Prince Who Was a Thief, The Battle at Apache Pass, Son of Ali Baba, Gunsmoke, and Machine Gun Kelly - films in which she starred opposite such popular actors as John Lund, Tony Curtis and Audie Murphy.
Finally, after getting fed up with the invariably similar films, she moved from Hollywood back to New York and went on stage, accepting  Harold Robbins' invitation to star in his play "A Stone for Danny Fisher". 
She returned to Hollywood for a brief appearance in an adventure film, and unexpectedly stayed there for five years. 
During that time she met King of Jordan Hussein – a much publicized romance developed between the two; this romance, however, never grew into anything bigger despite lasting several years.
The Wasp Woman (1960) was her final film....
Susan's personal life bore the ugly marks of her childhood. She married her first husband Martin Sacker at the age of only 17 to avoid another, her ninth, foster home. In 1968, she married her second husband Michael Roman, with whom she had one son, Timothy Scott Roman. The boy suffered from dwarfism and psychological problems, in part, perhaps, because Susan had to take hormones during pregnancy. 
In 1986 Timothy, in a fit of uncontrollable rage, beat his 59-year old mother to death with a steel weightlifting bar and was sentenced to three years of jail (sentence suspended) for involuntary manslaughter. 
Cut!: Hollywood Murders, Accidents, and Other Tragedies. Barrons Educational Series.
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